Diamond Shaped Folded Carton Pack

The Yamasa brand contains a star in its logo and this was to be reflected in the packaging design. To achieve this, five diamond-shaped folded cartons were lined up together with a plug-in connection. When these five individual packs are assembled, they represent a star. This pack is very clever, attractive and eye catching. Carton board packaging for cigars without the need for metal tubes. Each cigar is housed in its own distinctly shaped pack which when clustered together and bound by the wrap, forms a ‘star’ shape. This is held together with a banderole with plug-in connection. The Touchpoint folded carton offers the option of making the brand become an event and turning the “Consumer” into a “Playsumer” giving the brand a playful experience. The graphic design supports the strong construction design with graphic star elements. The star-shaped brand is picked up by offset printing and hot foil finishing. The folded carton turns into a real eye-catcher at the POS as it can also be stacked as a pyramid and thus dispenses with the need for additional presentation aids such as displays. The folded carton also has the advantage that a single cigar can be removed from the pack and remains safely packed and well protected to take home.



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