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Cost effective Inhaler made on blister machine

BLISTair is claimed to be the world’s first thermoformed dry powder inhaler developed by Perlen Packaging. It is manufactured on a standard blister machine, the inhaler, incorporating an aluminium foil lid and opening system, enables single use inhalers to be produced cost effectively and reach consumers who were economically or geographically unable to access this type of product previously. This product is a consumer convenience innovation as it will allow many more people to access these vital forms of medication and shows off aluminium foil versatility to great advantage. According to company “Many patients in third world countries have incomes of less than $1 per day and they simply cannot afford to buy an expensive injection moulded device with 30-60 inhalations.” The PERLAMED-BLISTair brings that medication within their reach in single dose format and can enable a local supplier to produce them on a standard piece of packaging equipment. Using a single blister machine, DPIs can be manufactured at lowest costs. This allows many pharmaceutical companies to develop previously blocked markets due to investment costs and to the spending capacity of patients, making it a highly convenient product. The device is hygienic, easy to handle, very efficient in material use and can be purchased at a competitive cost. So it is ideal for short-term and acute therapies which may require only a few inhalations, not a long course for which much more expensive injection moulded inhalers are designed primarily.