Compostable Pizza Pod

Pizza pod is composed of 100% sustainably farmed sugarcane fiber


Pizza pod keeps pizza crisp and warm for longer periods. Most pizzas are delivered in square, cardboard boxes that consumers have accepted as the industry standard but that are prone to collecting grease and moisture. The Pizza Pod is optimized to absorb maximum oil and moisture, so pizzas stay hot and crispy long after leaving the oven. This packaging is composed of 100% sustainably farmed sugarcane fiber, the Pizza Pod is tree-free, compostable, and biodegradable. It also doubles as an elevated serving tray for the product. 

The innovative container allows pizza shop employees to assemble boxes with less time and labor, and requires less shelf space compared to traditional paperboard boxes. Zume Pizza’s Pizza Pod also sustains brand equity, with the branding clearly presented up to the point of consumption.

Zume Pizza has been named a Diamond Finalist Award Winner in the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation for their compostable “Pizza Pod,”

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