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This Clever Donut Packaging Design will make our life easier

This cool donut packaging design is made by Swedish designers Emelie Johannesson and Oliver Sjöqvist. They have created a donut packaging design that will make eating donuts a bit easier and more convenient, check it out.

One of the big problems with eating donuts is that things tend to stick to each other in the donut box or bag you usually get your donuts in. Also eating a donut usually leaves you with sticky fingers in desperate need of napkins.

Designers Emelie Johannesson and Oliver Sjöqvist have created this system to help out with our donut packaging problems. In it each donut is packaged individually and comes with a wet wipe that will take care of your hands after treating yourself.

You can also stack these individual donut packagings to make up a container that holds 8 donuts.