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Bottle with six layer structure


The polypropylene packaging has been created with both wholesale and food service users in mind, with both packs suitable for hot filling. A larger 950ml bottle has been blow moulded in monolayer polypropylene for Dreidoppel's food flavouring line, Pastarom Classic. Meanwhile, the smaller 475ml bottle has a co-extruded multilayer design and has been designed for Pastarom's range of toppings for ice creams, desserts, milkshakes and waffles. The new packaging was designed with the objective of improving user convenience; both bottles include a "grip pack" feature, with indented, ridged sides. The makers hope that these will "make the bottle comfortable to hold and product easy to dispense for accurate portion control". Six-layer structure maintains freshness. Altogether, the new bottles took six months to develop. The packaging will help keep the bottle's contents fresh for 18 months, a useful quality as Pastarom Classic flavourings do not contain preservatives. The smaller of the two bottles improves shelf life by incorporating a 'multi-layer PP/EVOH/PP construction'. Here, ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) is sandwiched in a six-tier structure between polypropylene layers, forming a barrier that protects against excessive penetration of oxygen to keep contents fresh. The larger bottle is manufactured using blow-moulding, specifically extrusion blow moulding (rather than injection or stretch methods).