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Anta Flu in wax paper wrapper wins 'Best product of the year' category Sustainability

Candy manufacturer Napoleon Confiserie in Breskens, the maker of the throat pastilles, replaced the plastic wrappers with a variant of environmentally friendly waxed paper. The company was therefore awarded the sustainability trophy of the 'Best product of the year' election in mid-December 2020.

Plastic wraps are giving way to wax paper wraps
After intensive collaboration with various suppliers and various tests in the factory, Anta Flu succeeded in packaging their throat lozenges in wax paper wraps. The wax paper wraps are made of material from FSC®-certified forests. The wax used is completely vegetable, made from corn and rapeseed and is palm oil and coconut oil free. The vegetable wax layer protects the paper against moisture, which is necessary to keep the throat lozenge good.

The wax paper wrappers are biodegradable. The vegetable wax does slow down the decomposition process, but if a wrapper unexpectedly ends up in nature, it will eventually decay, unlike the plastic wraps used so far.

Consumption outdoors
Anta Flu throat pastilles are often eaten outdoors and often taken loose in a trouser or jacket pocket. The previously used plastic wrapper was very thin and light. An important reason why it often accidentally fell to the ground when, for example, grabbing your keys or something else. Fortunately, this happens less quickly with the new heavier wax paper wrapper.

Sustainable alternatives
At Anta Flu, various areas are examined to see whether an environmentally friendly alternative is possible. For example, they switched from plastic tape on our outer cartons to paper tape. They are also switching to brown outer boxes without printing.