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  • Salad Dressings

    This innovative, consumerpreferred bottle retains the appeal of this iconic and trusted kraft brand, while significantly improving transport efficiency, energy consumption and consumer convenience, with no change in source materials.
  • Microwaveable Heat & Eat Pouch

    This stand up pouch is constructed from an inexpensive multilayer microwavable film.
  • Dropn Go

    This package represents an environmentally friendly solution through the use of nonvolatile water based adhesives. A single 60 gram package replaced the equivalent of twelve 12 onegallon bottles.
  • Pet Jar Development Targets Lightweight Hotfill Demands

    A new development in polyethylene terephthalate petbased jar packaging offers a clear, lightweight and sustainable alternative for use with hotfill products, according to its manufacturer.
  • Container Features Snapoff, Reclosable Cap

    A plastic container for potato granules features a snapoff, reclosable cap, eliminating the need for a can opener. graham packaging designed the no.
  • Astro Bites

    Freezedried ice cream has previously been marketed to the outdoor activist who needs nonperishable food for traveling. This product is creating a new market for an existing product. The unique packaging of the astro bites will lure customers to try something new.
  • Ultra Peel Retortable Membrane End

    Ultra peel membrane ends are the first retortable, peelable membrane ends in the u.s. Market and represent significant advancement over existing retortable end technology. The package is an economical, easytouse and safe alternative to easy open ends.
  • micro leak testing

    veripac 325lv a pti technology micro leak testing new groundbreaking technology to verify container closure system integrity veripac 325lv is a nondestructive inspection system that offers unique integrity testing approaches, permitting highly sensitive micro leak detection of empty &amp pref
  • Podle Pocket Sprayer

    Podle is the attractive 25 ml all in one pocket sprayer you will always have with you. suitable for all kinds of personal care applications from deodorants to sun creams, hair sprays, dry oil body sprays etc.
  • Growing Trend In China To Become Environmentally Conscious

    Sancon resources recovery, inc.
  • Pliants Freezablemicrowaveable Steamquick Package

    This technology allows frozen food to be steam cooked in a microwave oven without having to remove the food from the bag. in the microwave, the package allows steam to build, cooking the food, and Then safely venting near the end of the cook cycle.
  • Pet Injectibles

    Injection bottles with standard clinch neck finish made from pet available in bottle sizes 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml. for more details visit
  • Rajesh Mishra Piramal Life Sciences

    Read what does mr rajesh mishra chief packaging development at piramal lifes sciences has to say to packaging community. he is focusing on the packaging of drug delivery devices.
  • Dyne Levels Surface Modification To Improve Adhesion

    The introduction of plastic packaging films more than 50 years ago required surface treatment systems that would run at normal production speeds.
  • Folding Boxes From A Z

    The line which will be shown for the first time has been designed for a leading austrian chocolate manufacturer, and packs two 50grm chocolate bars into a patented style of "Booklet pack" which is covered by an outer cover which is then closed using a self adhesive label.
  • Tamper Evident Pouch

    Nevirapine infantdose pouch developed by  lps industries, moonachie, nj, for path, an international nonprofit organization .this tamperevident pouch offers improved delivery of a single dose of nevirapine to reduce mothertochild transmission of the hiv virus in developing countries.
  • Rfid In Supply Chain

    Today, the buzzword in miniaturization is radio frequency identification rfid.
  • Beverages Retort Innovation

    Retort &ldquopouch within a pouch&rdquo designed to contain liquid yeast for beer and winemaking.
  • Synthetic Papers Offer Beauty, Durability & Strength

    Synthetic papers are tough, but that&rsquos just one of two key attributes that make them distinctive. The other is their ability to support highquality printing. all applications in which synthetics are used take advantage of these qualities in one form or another.
  • Traceable Labels For Pharmaceuticals

    Rfid has a critical role to play in supply chains and has been widely tested as a means for tracking and tracing pharmaceuticals at the item level. Rfid is actually a codecarrying technology, and can be used in place of a bar code to enable nonlineofsight reading.
  • Line Of Sauces In Microwavable,Retortable Standup Pouches

    Mccormick & co. has launched a line of sauces in microwaveable, retortable standup pouches from ampac flexibles&mdashconverted products, a unit of ampac packaging.Typically those types of products are in glass jars.This is the first time wet gravies have come in retortable pouches.
  • A Twocompartment Structure

    A boneshaped pouch with a reservoir for purified, vitaminenriched water at the bottom and a drinking bowl at the top. The pouch, a threelayer, polyesterfoillinear lowdensity polyethylene pe lamination, is being manufactured by the ampac flexibles business unit of ampac packaging.
  • Monodose Pouches

    Easypack solutions srl located in bologna italy has introduced on world market a new, patented, revolutional monodose packaging concept, suitable to replace any conventional monodose container.
  • Rajput Of Packaging From Cipla

    Meet mr r h rajput of packaging from cipla. he is working to develop packaging that would reduce global warming. He is basically a chemical engineer and now enjoying packaging for more than 20 years.
  • Olympics Will Recycle All Plastic Bottles

     All plastic bottles discarded at each olympic venue will be collected and recycled to maintain the cleanness in the stadium, according to a meeting for olympic waste recycling held here on wednesday.