Unit Dose Machines

Packaging machines to form unit dose packs

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Valmatic S.r.l.
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Marketing Manager
  • The VAL175 machine is  new thermoforming-filling machine projected for the production of thermo-formed unit-doses in plastic material. 
  • VAL 175 is a thermoforming and filling machine (FFS) designed for producing single-dose containers form filled in laminated plastic sheets for liquid, gel, cream and powder products.
  • Easy access of this machine the format changeover from 1 to 300 ml is really fast, convenient to clean and maintenance operation.
  • VAL175 has been designed for cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.
  • The VAL175 incorporates a new 175 mm stroke forming and sealing system that ensures high quality finished products.
  •  VAL 175 is an all-around machine conceived for medium and large production: it can manufactures unit-dose and vials with or without flat bottom (stand-up).
  • Its scope can vary from the coupling of a single folded film to the coupling of 2 plastic films or of one plastic film and one aluminum film (peelable). 
  • VAL 175 employs a mechanics combined with a cutting edge electronic control both for the operator interface and the internal motion management. It is equipped with a Siemens touch screen operator panel, with a display of 10” fitted for remote control.
  • The machine motion is possible due to a pneumatic-mechanical handling system controlled by Profinet modules, with cycles that can be adapted to the specific requirements of a product as well as a very short changeover times.
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