TOPICAL DISPENSER: Unique Patented Actuating System

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Dispenser concept

  • Our dispenser has been designed to allow the dispensing of the product WHEN THE CONTAINER ISACTUETED
  • The inside container, which contains your product,is protected by a breakable closing cap.Actuating the inside container, the closing cap is perforated within the outer body.Our patented perforating system allows for the product to flow onto the filtering mass or sponge
  • The channels in the perforator let the liquid come in contact with a filtering mass or sponge
  • The filtering mass or sponge is protected by a closing cap to insure cleanliness

Topical dispenser components:

  • Inside container
  • Inside container closing cap
  • Outer body with perforator
  • Filtering mass or sponge
  • Protective cap for filtering mass and sponge
  • Fully made of recyclable PP material, APPROVED FOR MEDICAL USE


  • Disposable pharmaceutical use for sterile applications
  • Multipurpose cosmetic use for gel and liquid products

Benifits of Topical Dispencer

  •  Our dispensing system is patented
  •  All components are molded in p/p
  •  Ideal for disposable pharmaceutical sterile applications
  •  Cosmetic applications include both gel and liquid products
  •  Our system dispenses your product after the container is filled and placed into the body of the dispenser, and actuated, by pressure.
  •  The product then flows into a custom sponge or filter and dispenses onto a surface
  •  The applicator is provided with a protective cap
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