Tablets and Capsules in Side Seal Pouches

Machine for handling tablets and capsules of versatile sizes to be packed in pouches

Company Name: 
HDG Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH
Contact Person: 
Marketing Manager
  • A machine concept for the packaging of tablets and capsules into side seal pouches.
  • The machine handles 4 tablets and capsules, each of different size and form, and reaches an output up to 240 pouches per minutes.
  • The packaging process is fully automated and continuous up until the packaged outer case.
  • The machine allows production under pharmaceutical conditions.
  • To enable the application of very thin material, the film transport system of machine was optimized with the result that the pouches are supported by a special vacuum technique during transport through the cutting station.
  • The packaging machine is equipped with the proven HDG quick-change features at the turret . Due to this not only the change over time of different formats can be reduced to the minimum but also the cleaning during product change is optimized.
+49 2268 9135 0

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