Sterile Breathable Medical bag

Amcor flexibles americas offers a products called fortis breather bag. It is improved header opening for end user convenience, better breath ability and reduction in cycle and aeration time for ethylene oxide sterilisation, eliminates particulate generated from heat seal coatings.

Company Name: 
Amcor Flexibles Europe and Americas
Contact Person: 
Jesse Blake
Director, Commercial Development

According to company this bag is 25% more thinner and sustainable solution compared to the bags present in market. Amcor’s next generation Fortis sterile breather bag delivers strength and tear resistance to handle a range of packs up to sharp, heavy and bulky packs.  The design of Fortis’ intuitive-use header opening makes aseptic removal of contents much easier – and reduces the risk of contamination to the sterile field. In contrast to conventional header bags, Fortis sterile breather bags incorporate uncoated Tyvek which increase porosity allowing air and gas to flow more efficiently. This results in decreased stress on packages during extreme ETO vacuum cycles increasing  package production.  Fortis bags also show a visible white seal at use providing evidence of seal integrity. For better understanding watch this video:


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