SoTube / SoSafe solution for implants

This sterile medical device package is an alternative to double pouch or blister.

Company Name: 
Selenium Medical
Contact Person: 
Olivier Richart

So Tube So Safe double-sterile barrier packaging, are two innovative solutions, nested tubes based, for implants. A patented and CE-marked product complying with the NF EN ISO 11607 and NF EN 868 standards for sterile medical device packaging . Uniquely comprised of biocompatible materials, it is phthalate and latex free.  Totally transparent and less cumbersome than traditional packaging, it gives the implant unmatched visibility. They ensure nurses and surgeons easy handling of package and implant as well as a pioneer “No Touch” approach right up to the point of surgery. It is an alternative to blister packs and pouches. Selenium’s SoStore dispenser ensures the entire inventory is visible, allowing for quick test-tube identification and first-in-first-out retrieval. Ensure sterility and removing any hazardous compromises.

+33 546444082

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