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Smilesys retains its leadership in the innovation of eco-sustainable packaging

For the fourth year in a row, Smilesys wins an international award. The product Drop&Taste wins the German Packaging Award in the functionality and convenience category.
It is with great pleasure that Smilesys announces to have won the German Packaging Award in the field of ‘’Functionality and Convenience’’ with the new Smile 2Lite Drop&Taste. This award, organized by the German Packaging Institute (DVI), is one of the most important in Europe and has been promoting for 56 years the most creative and valid innovations for industrial packaging. Smilesys, with Drop&Taste, launches an eco-friendly packaging solution for mozzarella which was never seen on the market, allowing a substancial reduction of food waste and improving consumer experience. That’s the secret behind its success.
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smilesys resealable system