a shelf life indicator

indicator to show the shelf life of a product.

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keepit technologies as
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kristen a. hovland

the shelf life indicator from keep it technologies shows the remaining shelf life of products better than the traditional static date stamp.this indicator works on the basis that how the product has been stored from production, during transport, in the store and until it ends in consumer fridge.it consists of two small chambers with different ingredients that react to time and temperature.the indicator shows the remaining days the product will keep its quality if stored at the recommended temperature 4°c. this is showed on the indicator through a blue stripe that moves from start to &rdquoo days left&rdquo which means that the product is passed its expiry date.when the blue strip has reached &rdquo0&rdquo, the food is out of date and is not suitable for eating. the indicator moves faster in higher storage temperatures.the indicator is activated when the chamber is opened so that the chemicals react with each other. activation  of the indicator in done by the manufacturer.the indicator has applicability in fresh packed temperature sensitive products for consumer market such as meat, fish, chicken products, salads sliced and dairy products. the company has patented the indicator in a number of countries, including the usa.

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