Self Sealing ColdPack

An innovative packaging solution for industrial product's packaging

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Alexander Bulla
  • This pack provides cold sealable packaging option for industrial packaging.
  • It enables to wrap and seal items safely without tape or glue.
  • Cold Seal pack is an unbleached Kraft paper coated with a cold seal adhesive that sticks to itself by forming a strong bond at room temperature when pressed together,
  • The packaging solution is especially interesting for industrial application, such as the efficient and safe packaging of single component and spare parts in the furniture or automobile industry.
  • Cold seal packaging sticks to itself and shows no tack to other substrates.
  • This solution embraces clear customer benefits': books, magazines, CDs/DVDs and toys can be wrapped and mailed with superior protection and reducing material consumption and dispensing with void filling.
  • Cold seal pack can also be converted into corrugated material and used for quick packaging, typically in e-commerce.
  • The adhesive consists of natural latex that does not deposits any sticky residues on other material

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