SecurityPeel is an ideal lidding solution for meat and ready-meal packages

Company Name: 
KWH Plast Schur Flexibles Ltd
Contact Person: 
Håkan Forss,
Marketing Director

The secure and peelable seal, combined with excellent anti-fog properties, makes SecurityPeel the ideal lidding solution for meat and ready-meal packages. The unique properties of the film are based on multi-layer cast co-extrusion technology and enable production of food packaging that increases product safety, provides longer shelf life and a high level of consumer convenience. Peelable SecurityPeel™ film is based on layers of polyamide (PA) and ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), the oxygen barrier of SecurityPeel™ ensures the freshness of the products when packed under modified atmosphere (MAP). For ease of opening, the SecurityPeel™ has an optimised peel force. The broad sealing window makes it easy to use in production. Typical applications of SecurityPeel™ are lidding films, form-fill-seal(FFS) films and other flexible packages.

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