Rocker Cap Speeds Handwash Dispensing

The new disc-top rocker closure used for Fast Orange waterless hand cleaner that allows for one hand opening and dispensing.

Company Name: 
Berlin Packaging
Contact Person: 
Maggie Perry

Permatex, an automotive repair and maintenance products company, has tipped the waterless hand cleaner segment in its favor with a clever new disc-top closure. Permatex joined with Berlin Packaging’s Studio One Eleven to refresh the package design for the product.   The new design introduces a proprietary rocker closure. The disc-top, placed on base of the inverted package allows easy, one-hand action during hand cleaning. This unique rocker design places the disc top on the package bottom. With this design, users can simply tap the bottle on its bottom corner to open the spout and dispense, then tap the spout again to close.

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