Roboslit Fully Automated Slitter Rewinder

The Newly Launched Roboslit 500 Is A Fully Loaded Slitting Rewinding Machine With An Overhead Path And Revolutionary Productivity Enhancing Features Including An Automatic Cutter Positioning System, Linear Rider Roll Unit And A 1 Minute Rewind Changeover

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Sp ultraflex systems p ltd.
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Mr. Biku k

                             Roboslit fully automated slitter rewinder   the newly launched roboslit 500 is a fully loaded slitting rewinding machine with an overhead path and revolutionary productivity enhancing features including an automatic cutter positioning system, linear rider roll unit and a 1 minute rewind changeover made possible by dual turret rewinds, automatic splicing, core positioning system and finished reels ejector. Besides the above radical concepts introduced in this version, the more standard features include ·         shaftless unwind section with floor lift ·         splice table with pneumatic clamping ·         pneumatically operated cutting section ·         tangential shear cutting, razor in groove or razor in air cutting ·         linear rider roll assembly ·         pneumatically actuated supports for the cantilevered rewind shafts ·         swivel arm off loader with the possibility of fully mechanised reel handling ·         differential rewind shafts with ball locks ·         integrated plc based control panel and an intuitive touch panel hmi for ease of operation the roboslit is designed for duplex slitting and rewinding of flexible substrates plastic films, paper, aluminum foil unprinted, printed, coextruded or laminated.    

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