Pallet container made up of corrugation

Mondi Group has designed Pal-box a practical pallet container made of corrugated board.

Company Name: 
Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach GmbH
Marketing Communications Manager

Mondi Group has designed Pal-box pallet container made of corrugated board. On the corrugated board box available in different sizes, the pallet feet are attached to the base. The benefits of this container include delivery as a flat pack, easy erection (the pallet feet securely close the bottom) and 100% recyclability and high stackability. It is available in both standard and custom sizes. Pal-box has proved itself millions of times for road, rail, sea and air freight. Extremely lightweight, the shipping container is particularly suited for air freight, and both materials and dimensions comply with IATA specifications. This is also Seaworthy since corrugated board grades with wet-strength glue Available in standard and custom dimensions.


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