Packaging to pour liquid in controlled manner

Everyone knows the situation: when pouring a liquid from a bottle or canister spills quickly something wrong. 

Company Name: 
Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG 
Contact Person: 
Christoph Guse
R&D Manager

This  new technology called VPD 90 ® (ventilation pipe design) is a very elegant and smart solution.  The VPD 90 ventilation pipe design provides a good solution for this age-old user problem. These cans can selectively pour oil, without spilling any liquid. Liquids can only be poured in a controlled manner from the can when it is held at an angle of over 90°. The patented air delivery allows a spillage-free pouring as well as emptying to the last drop. VPD 90® is easy to use, clean and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, stackable canisters have been developed that can be efficiently transported and economically stored. 


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