Moisture Label

These innovative labels maintains product freshness by controlling humidity through special control of water storage and release by their innovative structures

Company Name: 
Essentra Packaging
Contact Person: 
Marketing Manager
  • AquaSense™ is the latest addition to Essentra Packagings's Active Label Technology Range, which controls the moisture content to help keep product as fresh as the day it was packed.
  • Labels help maintain & control freshness by storing and releasing water through their unique structure and material technology.
  • It is combining the high impact of a printed label together with the AquaSense™ pad a defined amount of water can be released, controlling humidity within a pack.
  • Key advantage:
    • Maintains freshness by controlling humidity
    • Stores a defined amount of water – no need to measure the amount added
    • Simply add water till the image appears – when it disappears… simply add more
    • Printed labels integrate branding opportunities through high impact print options
    • Message or brand can appear under the AquaSense™ pad – interacting with user
+44 115 9759000

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