Inert barrier technology

IBT is a revolutionary change in the ordinary measures used for enhancing self life for plastic food packaging. It provides longer product shelf lives without preservatives while providing good product protection.

Company Name: 
Greiner packaging
Contact Person: 
Steffen Riethmüller

Greiner Packaging hasbrought food shelf life for plastic cups to a whole new level with the new Inert Barrier Technology (IBT). Whereas the shelf life of foods was previously extended through ultra-high heating or adding preservatives. Inert Barrier Technology now makes longer shelf life possible without these measures but enhances food shelf life in the plastic containers. The technology involves applying a barrier layer to plastic cups. The process also leverages the outstanding characteristics of silicon oxide: The cups are fed into a chamber where a vacuum is created. Oxygen and gas containing silicon are then fed into the chamber and a plasma is created using an electrode. A coating is created on the cups -- described as a "covalent bond" with respect to the sealed inner layer and the plastic. The SiOx layer created in this way is "chemically inert," minimizing its reaction. This sharply reduces oxygen and hydrogen permeability. Since the barrier layer does not react with any outside influences, it also results in significantly improved aroma protection. And ibt can also make products stand out visually since the silicon oxide coating can also be used in cups made of highly transparent materials; there is no impact on the transparency. As for sustainability benefits: The longer shelf life can help reduce unnecessary wastage of foods. And the coating does not affect disposal or recycling in any way - or packaging weight, either.

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Comments (2)

  • anon

    very good containers. If you need high barrier top lids for your container. We are happy to supply it. We can also sell your containers in Turkish market.

    Jan 29, 2016
  • anon
    Radhika Rewri

    Thanks for the response Mr. Duran. We are not manufacturer of this particular container. Being a knowledge sharing platform, we shared the innovation held in Packaigng.  But we will be pleased to know more about your experties i.e. "high barrier top lid". Please share more about the same on our website or share with me on this email id: 

    Feb 15, 2016

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