Gravity Tray for meat packaging

The GravityTray is an innovative, completely safe, meat and fish tray packaging that makes the absorber super- fluous.

Company Name: 
Gravity Tray
Contact Person: 
Rinze Willemsen
Managing Director

GravityTray, a completely safe, meat and fish tray packaging that makes the absorber superfluous. It consists of a thermoformed PP tray with a lower concave bottom at the bottom of the tray. This double bottom is formed simply by closing off the hollow space at the bottom with an inside cut-foil. Excess moisture from meat or fish flows by gravity to the separate compartment in the hollow bottom and stays there. Once the fluid is isolated in this compartment it cannot get into contact with the meat and fish any more, even if the GravityTray is turned on its side or upside down. Because of this separation the risk of any contamination from the liquid to the meat and fish is virtually impossible. This tray has no fibres, the risk that particles of the packaging can “stick” to the meat or fish and be consumed, has been totally removed.

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+63 9209898996

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