Gerresheimer: Duma Combi Container

Tablet container includes a separate compartment for the patient information leaflet.

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Jens Kürten
Group Senior Director Communication & Marketing

Gerresheimer developed the Duma® Combi plastic container to satisfy the increase in market demand forpatient information accompanying pharmaceutical packaging. It has a separate compartment for the
patient information leaflet so that pharmaceutical manufacturers don’t have to try and fit all consumerinformation on the outside of the packaging. As a result, there is more space on the outside surfaces forkey information, as well as the manufacturer’s logo and brand name. Duma® Combi has various flatsurfaces for the communication of targeted messages on any side of the packaging and they also allow the use of different labels.

pull hole
· Serves as an orientation pointon the filling line
· Designed to fit the shapeof a finger tip
· Possible to visually checkwhether the leaflet has been included

features and advantages

  Container made of PP
· Child-resistant, flip-top closure
· Tamper-evident function with a label that seals both the cap and leaflet compartment
· Easy tablet dispensing
· Plenty of room for information on the outside of the packaging
· Generously-sized compartment for a patient information leaflet with larger print that is easier    to read
· Convenient to stack
· Square design allows space-efficient packing for transportation

+49 211 6181 2

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