Frustration Free Garments Packaging

An innovative carton to give "product feel" without damaging the carton

Company Name: 
Pro Carton
Contact Person: 
Suzanne McEwen
  • Frustration free packaging for under garments.
  • In underwear section – customer wants to touch and feel the product.
  • The neat construction of the box is simple to open at both sides that pulls open so the items can be taken out easily without damaging the carton.
  • Intelligent graphics which completes when the pack is opened.
  • The flaps also provide the option for incorporating attractive graphic design. The graphics express the excellent fit of the contents: the central message, "Match",  is supported both at the graphic and structural levels. The concept clearly differentiates itself from other sales promotional multipacks.
    • A new, sales promotional multipack concept for hypermarkets, highly practical and simple solution with a "What You See Is What You Get" effect
+43 1 218 6918

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