Front Zipper Bag

Patented system for packaging of fresh or processed food products. 

Company Name: 
Masterpack ltd.
Contact Person: 
Marketing Manager
  • •INNO LOK patented system is suitable for wrapping of ready salads, frozen foods, cocoa, dried fruit.
  • •With this system, it is possible to supply reels with zippers applications, also barriered on PE films or laminated (PET/PE, OPA/PE, PET/ALU/PE, OPP/PE). 
  • •This kind of product is also usable on vertical and horizontal wrapping machineries simply modifying the forming tube neck.
  • System supplied in pre-zipped reel.
  • Guaranteed humidity and gas barrier.
  • Resealing ability  guaranteed for an unrestricted number of times even for fat and dusty products
  • Maintaining the organoleptic properties of the product
  • No substantial change in packaging machine

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