flip gloss

flip gloss makes cosmetic packaging more customizable.

Company Name: 
world wide packaging
Contact Person: 
jim farley,
vice president of global business development

world wide packaging, a provider of cosmetic packaging components and plastic tubes, has developed a unique package for lip gloss.it has called &lsquoflip gloss&rsquo because of its flipdown top.the product&rsquos heavy wall vial base and absence of threads create a very thin, fullsize package.the wide front of the package allows for a variety of creative branding opportunities, and images can be embossed on the top portion.it enables the product to stand out in the crowded lip gloss space.the fliptop, which is available with or without an integrated mirror, enables easy removal of the application rod, as the cap is secured when the top is flipped down.its design is both eyecatching and practical, a reflection of the creativity and engineering.for more informations visit httpwww.amazon.comchangingtrendscosmeticspackagingsandeepdp8192792013

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