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Flexible, Accurate Dosing for Mini-tablets- Phillips-Medisize

In therapeutic areas such as pediatrics, oncology, and neurology, mini-tablets offer an opportunity for flexible dosing in a small, easily swallowed format.

However, for patients and caregivers, counting individual mini-tablets can be challenging. And for pharma companies, producing multiple individual doses for small patient populations can be expensive.

Phillips-Medisize introduces an innovative, market-ready Mini-tablet Dispenser that offers flexible, patient-friendly counting and dispensing directly from a standard primary tablet container.

Flexible Dosing:Enables patient-specific dosing for maximum benefit without adverse side effects

Easy-To-Use:Reduces time and energy to administer medication and improves accuracy and adherence

Practical Design:Fits on any standard prescription bottle and can be leveraged across multiple patient segments

Dispenser Setup

• Users can adjust the dispenser to their desired mini-tablet count. The dispenser’s preset remains set to this count until the user makes another adjustment. 

• Users unscrew the child-resistant prescription bottle cap, mount the dispenser onto the prescription bottle and reposition the cap.

Dispenser Use
  • To dispense medication, users unscrew the cap and invert the bottle, moving mini-tablets into the metering chamber. Users then turn the bottle upright and shake it gently.

• The correct number of mini-tablets automatically falls into the indentations on the counting disk. Excess mini-tablets fall back into the bottle, untouched by the user. 

• After users visually confirm a mini-tablet is in each indentation, they rotate the transparent metering chamber lid and pour out the mini-tablets.

• If more than 20 mini-tablets are required per dose, this sequence can be repeated. Total tablet count is then equally split between the 2 (or 3) repetitions.

• Once mini-tablets are dispensed, users close the transparent lid and screw the cap back onto the bottle. 

Mini-tablet Dispenser Features
  • Mounts to standard-size prescription bottles and remains in place

• Keeps mini-tablets secure in bottle until they are counted and dispensed

• Minimizes risk of damage to mini-tablets when dispensed

• Enables accurate dosing counts and confirmations with the metering chamber with transparent lid

• Options available for color customization; adjustment of counting chamber based on mini-tablet shape, size and preset dispensing

• Can be co-packaged with mini-tablet prescription bottle or supplied separately


Currently designed for use with standard mini-tablets with an approximate size of 2–2.5 mm in diameter; customization available to fit non-standard mini-tablet sizes

Dispenses 1–20 mini-tablets at once (can be repeated up to 60 mini-tablets)

Dispenser mounts directly on a standard 38 mm diameter tablet bottle

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