Edge Trim Recycling For All Multilayer And Monolayer Blwon Film Plant

The advance unique edgetrim panchal system in its 4th generation. Material form film, edge trim, loose cutouts, flakes, reels etc.

Company Name: 
Panchal plastic machinery p. Ltd.
Contact Person: 
Vipul Panchal
Marketing Director

The new edgetrim has been designed specifically for use with blown film multi layer or mono layer to provide small, energyefficient, nonobstructive recycling of edge trim. Its compact and open construction allow for low maintenance, nonoperator dependent and online operation. Ac vector and directdrive technology keeps energy consumption down. Plugs and sockets allow for routine maintenance to be carried out by the operator without the need to wait for dedicated maintenance personnel.      An air pelletising system is used for quick and easy access for cleaning while eliminating the problems associate with watercooled systems.

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