eBeam sterilisation technique

eBeam sterilisation technique is a replacement for hydrogen peroxide sterilisation

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Tetra pak
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Marketing manager
Tetrapack introduced ebeam technology, the new sterilisation technology for tetrapack packaging. The Tetra Pak E3 platform is a series of filling machines that use eBeam. This technology that has been developed by Tetra Pak in collaboration with COMET. The eBeam technology sterilises packaging material using electron beams and replaces the traditional hydrogen peroxide sterilisation process for packaging material while guaranteeing the same sterilisation performance.
The replacement of hydrogen peroxide in packaging material sterilisation also significantly improves environmental performance; making water recycling easier, lowering energy consumption and cutting waste.
This innovative system offers clear savings on hydrogen peroxide consumption. To sterilise 1 million packages you need 300 litres of hydrogen peroxide, so the saving is considerable.”
The first new generation machine with the eBeam system will be commercially released in 2016.
Furthermore, the modular design of the Tetra Pak E3 platform offers increased production flexibility to manufacturers. By installing an eBeam kit, manufacturers can switch between pasteurised and extended shelf life (ESL) production orders on the same Tetra Pak® E3/CompactFlex filling machine.
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