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Earth-friendly "forest tumbler"

"Forest Tumbler" is an eco-cup jointly developed by Asahi Breweries and Panasonic.

The world's first eco-cup that utilizes plant fiber to reduce disposable plastics and contribute to SDGs .
Main Feature of this cup are :
  • This cup is made from plants and one can enjoy the natural texture and scent.
  • It can be used repeatedly as my cup. Improve your "disposable" habits to make them more sustainable!It has high strength and heat resistance.(* -20 ℃ ~ 120 ℃).
  • Light and easy to hold,fashionable design.
  • Easy to clean as it can be put in the dishwasher .
  • The fine irregularities derived from plant fibers create fine bubbles, so you can drink beer even more deliciously!
This tumbler is made up of organic raw materials  like Cellulose fiber (pulp), Japanese cypress thinned wood and Malt by-product of Asahi Beer Malt.
Forest tumbler reduce plastic waste, which accounts for the majority of marine debris. This Tumbler reduces CO2 emissions that replace disposable plastics. It actively utilize domestic surplus biomass resources.

"Forest tumbler"  change the consumption behavior of "disposable" in order to solve social issues such as the climate crisis caused by increased CO2 emissions and marine pollution caused by disposable plastics, and to realize a sustainable world. I am aiming for.

Resources that must be discarded, such as thinned wood and food residues, can be used effectively as raw materials for the "Forest Tumbler."

Not just eco! Make beer more delicious!

By using the "high-concentration cellulose fiber molding material" used mainly in home appliances for the "forest tumbler", the foam of the poured beer became a very creamy foam.
The inside is smooth at first glance, but when you magnify it at the electron microscope level, it has fine irregularities. This unevenness makes the beer foam finer, which makes the beer more delicious.
We also focused on the size of the glass as a result of pursuing a shape that makes beer more delicious. Although it is 490 ml, it is designed to be 7: 3 when pouring canned beer. It became a tumbler that even beer professionals could understand. Furthermore, by molding it as thin as possible, it has a smooth mouthfeel like a "thin glass".

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Future Tide