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Drying & Sterilization Tunnel

  • The new 6000, 7000 and 8000 series of the HQL drying and sterilization tunnel for sterilizing and depyrogenising pre-cleaned ampoules, injection and infusion bottles, cartridges and syringes.
  • Bosch’s new series requires less energy for electrical heating and ventilation due to the optimized air flow and mea- sures for heat recovery.
  • A flexible pressure zone concept ensures increased process safety by adapting tunnel pressure in the different zones to customers’ requirements.
  • The modular design of HQL series ensures a customer- specific tunnel arrangement.
  • Each sterilizing and cooling module contains the entire technology for respective process.
  • The new design facilitates access to critical areas such as Hepa filters.
  • The new tunnels are further characterized by a reduced overall size, making them shorter and space-saving.
  • The new tunnels are available in three standardized bandwidths: 600mm for HQL 6000, 800mm for the HQ 7000; and 1200mm for the HQL 8000.
  • With its different sizes, the drying and sterilization tunnel can ne flexibly adapted to different requirements.
  • A stainless steel wire mesh ensures all freestanding and non-freestanding containers are transported through the HQL tunnel without abrasion.