Dissolving sack for mortar or concrete

The disappearing cement bag named as D-Sack has a truly innovative feature: it disintegrates during the mortar or concrete preparation process and integrates itself with the product.

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Mikael Strömbäck
Business Segment Director Sack Solutions

Thus the whole cement sack can be put directly into the mixer without having to open the sack. There are several benefits to this: the need to cut the sack is eliminated, as is the need to empty and dispose of the empty sacks. Furthermore, no dust is generated on the work site. The disappearing cement sack is safer for man and the environment and reduces costs by reducing work steps and eliminating disposal costs – worthy of a nomination from the jurors. This innovation is the Result from a collaborative project with LafargeHolcim, a global leader in the building materials industry, BillerudKorsnäs developed cement packaging that quite literally disappears, or dissolves upon use. There is no packaging waste and therefore no cost for waste disposal. It also eliminates cement waste and optimizes the time needed for handling and mixing. In short, working conditions are improved and productivity goes up. There is no dust, no mess, no spills and no empty sacks littering the worksite.

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