Dairy Drinks Packaging

 Murray Goulburn launched their new Devondale flavoured milkshake range in a stackable cup and lid format by replacing its older format of plastic bottle. 

Company Name: 
QDesign Enterprises Pty Ltd
Contact Person: 
Michael Grima

This is an innovative, convenient, thoughtful and accessible solution for diary industry. The user-friendly elements and stackable container and lid format, lead the consumer on a unique journey. The stackable container and lid format is disruptive for this category, leading the consumer on a unique journey. Quality moulding and IML graphics provide visual punch on shelf. The consumer simply pushes the straw through the specially designed lid to pierce the foil, eliminating the need to remove the lid or foil, and reducing the chance of spillage. This provides the consumer with a refreshingly new consumption experience. This pack is designed by QDesign Enterprises Pty Ltd and won World star award 2016. 

For more such innovations visit:  http://www.amazon.com/Packaging-Innovations-Sandeep-Kumar-Goyal/dp/8192792048

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