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Corrugated packaging solution with thermo-insulation

  • 100% recyclable packaging that keeps food fresh all the way to the consumer
  • Maintains consistent temperature, mitigates food waste and removes need to use cooling trucks
  • Caters to the needs of the expanding online shopping market

Mondi, a leading global packaging and paper manufacturer, introduces its latest e-commerce innovation. The BCoolBox is a 100% recyclable and reliable packaging solution to keep perishable food cool while in transit. With this product innovation, food stays fresh from the store to the consumer or a pick-up station and offers online retailers the opportunity to expand their geographical reach for deliveries. 

Benefits of BCoolBox

  • Corrugated packaging solution with thermo-insulation keeps food chilled below
    7° celsius for up to 24 hours without using a cooling truck
  • Inner corrugated panels enclose the shipment from all sides, providing enhanced insulation
  • Ability to use different cooling agents
  • Made entirely from recycled material and 100% recyclable

The Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the e-grocery business. During the 2020 European lockdown, 28% of people in urban areas used online shopping as their main channel for buying groceries – a 10% increase compared to before the pandemic. Furthermore, 80% of European consumers who started buying groceries online plan to continue doing so. 

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