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Compostable Insulating packaging

Landpack® is the place for ecological insulated packaging. They replaced common expanded polysterene packaging with powerful alternatives from renewable resources. They avoid the use of chemicals and embrace naturality – as natural and ecological as your products.

Landpack has introduced sustainable packaging options for  which Landpack founder wins VICTRESS Sustainability Award 2019. They have insulated packaging made up of Hemp and straw. 

Insulated Packaing made of hemp is fully compostable made up of 100 % natural product . It can be used a cushioning material which has good shock absorbing property and  also as  inslating packaging. Along with shock abrosorbtion and instlating property it has a mositure regulating capabilty and it give unique  optics and great touch with sapce saving delivery and storage , with printiablity. It can be cooled to< 4 degree celsius.

Due to their restoring force, our flexible hemp fleeces protect pressure-sensitive and fragile goods during shipping. Hemp has a similarly low thermal conductivity value as expanded polystyrene and is therefore also a popular insulation material in the construction sector. Landbox® Hemp can be disposed of as a whole in organic waste — a worldwide novelty. But disposal in residual waste is also possible. Landbox® Hemp is suitable for both water-based cooling elements and dry ice.

 Insulated Packaing made of Straw is not only a real eye-catcher, but also scores with an insulation performance that has so far had only been known from expanded polystyrene. Up to 65 hours under 4°C – even at summer-like outside temperatures. Using methods weaned from food technology, Landpack use straw fibres in their pure form and process them in an extremely energy-efficient, climate-neutral manner and without any other additives. Customers receive probably the purest straw in the world — for disposal in organic waste or in the garden, of course.

The Landbox® is moisture regulating and shock absorbing. The straw comes from farmers in the region. They monitor every step of the process from growing to harvesting. In July 2016, the Landbox®was honoured by the Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture as an “outstanding product based on renewable raw materials” . An international patent application has been filed for the product and process.


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Senior Sales Manager Food & Life Science
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