Clever Caps

Clever Caps are an interesting cap with reusable featue due to their special design

Company Name: 
Clever Caps
Contact Person: 
Marketing Manager
  • Clever Caps are reusable caps that have two lives straight out of the factory:
    • in the first life, it is a cap
    • in the second, a building block.
  • Using them requires no other action. Take it off the bottle and use it.
  • The caps will no longer go into the garbage neither will they make streets, beaches, etc. dirty. They will be bilt into daily life objects and toys.
  • Clever Caps were designed to adapt to the market:
  • Tthey can be used with standard bottleneck bottles
  • They are compatible with LEGO® blocks
  • They are made from the same recyclable raw materials as conventional caps.

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