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Charpak Ltd Designed Twist lock container for food packaging

The UK Packaging Awards Judges commended Charpak’s excellence for “its use of highly recycled content; and the packaging design. The pack is both easy to open and recognisable (particularly for older people or those with limited dexterity. Because of the format it will be reused in the home.”

This new packaging was designed specifically to replace ‘new’ plastic with recycled content to prevent plastic waste. The pack can be reused many times before being put into household recycling bins. Then Twist-Loc® can be recycled and re-made into something else.

“Seeing Waitrose Treat Tubs on sale nationwide in Charpak’s Twist-Loc® is amazing. Winning this highly contested industry award is the icing on the cake.

Twist-Loc® was designed specifically to:

Replace ‘new’ plastic with a recycled product to prevent plastic waste.

Remove micro-plastics. There’s no small plastic break-off-parts because the tamper-evident mechanism is integrated within the pack.

Reduce plastic Each Tub uses 7.5g less plastic per tub than the packaging it replaced.

Reuse existing materials. Twist-Loc® is made from up to 90% recycled PET plastic material.

Recycle The removable cardboard sleeve also means 100% ofthe packaging can be recycled.

Reuse The Tubs can be reused by customers at home before being recycled again and re-made into another Twist-Loc® Tub, other packaging, or something else.

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Justin Kempson
Director of Sales and Innovations
+44 (0)1480 434434
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Charpak Ltd