A cardboard-plastic cup for sausage packaging

Greiner Packaging developed a K3® cup (a cardboard-plastic cup) with a resealable IML lid for Sausage Packaging.

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greiner packaging AG
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S. Riethmueller

Greiner Packaging developed an innovative packaging solution for the Hungarian company, Sága Foods.  In its search for a new packaging concept for its Frankfurter sausages, the company turned to the plastics expert.  Together, they created a K3® cup (a cardboard-plastic cup) with a resealable IML lid. The packaging is practical and heat-resistant, while offering optimal protection for the mini sausages.  The material combination of PP/EVOH („mbt“ – multi barrier technology) creates a barrier effect, allowing the thick-walled cups to be placed directly in the microwave for heating. In case of MBT (multi barrier technology) = barrier through several layers, a greater oxygen barrier can be achieved by embedding a special barrier layer such as EVOH or PA into a standard plastic, such as PP or PET. The filling requirements can be addressed individually, depending on the plastic systems chosen. This plastic food packaging technology is used for extrusion, sheet extrusion with subsequent thermoforming for cups and bowls as well as for injection stretch blow molding for bottles and containers. Multi barrier technology allows the production of highly transparent products while at the same time offering the possibility of hot filling - a clear advantage over other packaging solutions on the market.

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