DISPOS-A-VENT is a barrier package that allows for EtO or Steam sterilization. Dispos-a-vent® pouch provides the breathability needed for EtO or Steam sterilization and is easily converted to a barrier pouch prior to distribution.

Company Name: 
Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging
Contact Person: 
Jody Beeck
Marketing and Product Manager

The Autoclavable Dispos-a-vent Barrier Pouch provides medical device manufacturers a flexible packaging option for devices requiring autoclave (steam) sterilization and moisture protection. The Autoclavable Dispos-a-vent Barrier Pouch can withstand the high temperatures of autoclave sterilization, and provide barrier to moisture egress for devices requiring moisture to remain in the primary package after sterilization and until point of use. Dispos-a-vent® barrier pouches are designed with a disposable Tyvek or paper vent for maximum airflow during EtO or steam sterilization and a spacious high barrier film or foil pouch area for easy conversion after sterilization. This material used for manufacturing this pouch includes Tyvek, Papers, Films & Foils. Barrier Properties provided by Oliver-Tolas’ various barrier films and foils include: Oxygen - Typical value of <0.046 cc/m2/24 hr; Moisture - Typical value of <0.101 g/m2/24 hr.; Light. Package device in a Dispos-a-vent® pouch for sterilization. After the sterilization cycle is complete, make a seal enclosing device in the film or foil area of the pouch and cut off and dispose of the Tyvek® or paper vent. The result is a sterile device in a film or foil pouch with superior barrier properties.


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