Audible and Tactile Re-closable Zipper

SenzoZIP - New addition to re-closable zippers that provides sound and sensation when closing.



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We don’t often get packaging with ‘natural’ sound features, but here is one with a difference!  Packaging film distributor Plasfilms has announced the launch of a new addition to its Sanzip zippers, i.e. SenzoZip – a re-closable zip closure that provides both sound and sensation when closing.

The innovation combines both audible characteristics and tactile sensation together with an excellent inner holding force and easy close features, Plasfilms said. Through its unique features, SenzoZIP not only provides unmatched security, it also offers consumers a convenient and pleasant experience when using the product,. Available as a double- or triple-type zipper and manufactured in LDPE.

Plasfilms’ Stephen Harpham said: “This is the first zipper of its kind that provides feedback during closure. The user can actually feel and hear SenzoZIP, creating confidence and certainty in the mechanics of the closure operation.”

SenzoZIP is manufactured by C.I Kasei (CIK), a leading Japanese manufacturer of re-closable zipper products.  The existing SANZIP portfolio consists of over 100 zipper grades, for a wide variety of applications.

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