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AIRLESS cartridge refill system

AIRLESS cartridge refill system, TUA (Twist Up Airless) is a patented system that carries balance between glamour and sustainability. The airless cartridge replacement system means less impact on the environment, reducing and reusing. Reduction of 66% plastics by weight in TUA full plastic package is achieved when the canister is reused for additional inner cartridges. Reuse of canisters reduces waste and carbon footprint in all stages of production and transportation.

Glaspray’s Twist and Spray, Twist-Up Dispenser and Twist-Up Airless all utilize cartridge refill system.  A system that is refined, easy-to-use, and innovative.The refill cartridge is easily replaced, and separated for recycling when equipped with a screw pump.

The cartridge refill system is a great way to create a full product line that's novel and attractive.  The ability to design a mix and match line of products is extraordinary, based on any number of criteria.  A firm might even use it to create a sample set.

The possibilities are endless, as are the marketing approaches.

When the first cartridge runs out the interior reservoir of the atomizer slips out so that it may be replaced with a full cartridge.  Advantages? Well, not having to purchase a new bottle means less packaging is used, and that means less impact on the environment - reducing and reusing is everyone’s responsibility.

Pure Path metal-free contact Cartridge Refill System 

Airless pump cartridge utilizes pure path dispensing technology to achieve a metal-free path for all formulas. Twist Up Airless and cartridge refill system offers a luxurious packaging with flexibility and mobility, available in 15, 20 and 30ml.  


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