2-in-1 soap dispenser/air freshener

Celeste Industries’ Flight Luxe JetScent is a 2-in-1 hand soap and air freshener package.

Company Name: 
Berlin Packaging
Contact Person: 
Maggie Perry

This 2-in-1 soap dispenser/air freshener for airplane lavatories eliminates the need to install and replenish two separate systems. There is scent-impregnated collar that drops onto the bottle shoulder before capping. The deodorizer—a high performance fragrance collar—lasts as long as the soap and is automatically replaced with a fresh bottle of soap for a one-step change, offering renewed fragrance with each new bottle of soap. It also reduces bottle weight by 10%, adds label space, and replaces its industrial-looking predecessor with a striking new design. The package also upgrades the Flight Luxe line without requiring a change to the mounting "pucks" already installed on airplane sinks, eliminates extra steps previously required to prepare and apply an unwieldy foam fragrance band, and replaces disparate bottle structures with a uniform look across scented and unscented SKUs.


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