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Unique, Label-Integrated Needlestick Prevention

To avoid sharps injuries and protect healthcare staff against the risk of possible infections, syringes should be equipped with safety devices. Schreiner MediPharm’s unique solution features a label-integrated needle trap that serves to secure the needle after the injection and is easy to handle. See how Needle-Trap benefits not only healthcare personnel but also pharma manufacturers: Learn how it can be cost-effectively and smoothly integrated into your production processes while requiring minimal space during shipping, storage, and disposal.

Interested in more details and background info? Then listen to the experts who will be pleased to answer your questions.


Fabienne Uhl

Product Manager Needle-Trap
Schreiner MediPharm

Jasper Janzen

Sales Manager Asia
Schreiner MediPharm

Sandeep Kumar Goyal

Founder & CEO
Sanex Packaging Connections

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - 15:00 to 15:45