• More productive with ready-made software components B&R simplifies development of pick-and-place applications

    A ready-made software solution from B&R helps OEMs implement pick-and-place applications significantly faster. Not only does the system control the robot itself, it also handles coordination with other axes, conveyor belts or tracks.
  • Valuable insight into machine performance B&R provides easy, flexible overview of historical data

    It's now easy to display historical process variable data in a machine's HMI application. Machine operators can constantly monitor and optimize their processes. A clear overview of machine performance enables early detection of irregularities and helps minimize maintenance costs. The new OnlineChartHDA HMI element from the mapp View software package gives users valuable insight into how their machines are behaving. Process data is recorded constantly via the machine controller and made available to the widget automatically. Open communication standard
  • First Position Paper points to collaborative effort towards a circular economy

    CEFLEX recommends use of recyclable mono-materials for flexible packaging As part of its ‘Issue Alignment’ process CEFLEX stakeholders are working with Swiss University ETH to collect and assess topics which are essential to realising a circular economy for flexible packaging. These issues are being tackled individually to create considered and aligned positions on each topic. The result has been its first Position Paper on ways to achieve this goal.
  • As COVID-19 Concerns Continue, WWP Beauty Launches Line of Personal Protection Products

    A collection of moisturizing hand sanitizers that are available in three different formats. Florham Park, NJ – WWP Beauty, a global full-service supplier that provides future-focused solutions to the global beauty industry including a complete range of stock and custom packaging, formulation, accessories, design and engineering, has launched a Personal Protection line in response to the heightened demand for hygienic products brought on by the COVID-19 crisis.
  • PACT, Supplier of Promising Fire Suppressant Shipping Wrap, Joins Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles (COSTHA)

    Company’s Thermo Shield™ is a 100% recyclable wrap solution that exceeds proposed SAE G27 lithium battery packaging performance standards for air, land & sea.
  • Amid Growth & Expanded Capacity, Labeling Solutions Provider Luminer Adds to Sales Executive Team

    Veteran pro Mike Barrett brings additional packaging & labeling proficiency as company continues facilities & personnel expansion. Lakewood, NJ – Luminer, a labeling solutions provider specializing in extended content labels (ECLs) for pharmaceutical ethical and OTC packaging, clinical trials and various other narrow web applications for the cosmetics, F&B and chemicals sectors, has hired Mike Barrett as it newest Sales Executive. Mr. Barrett brings a versatile sales background to the Luminer team, including several years in the packaging and labels sectors.
  • Unwrapped Life's Zero Waste Packaging

    Unwrapped Life is a plastic-free beauty brand that believes high-performance, luxury products don’t need elaborate packaging. Instead, the brand is dedicated to helping people realize that quality and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. By providing zero-waste alternatives for everyday products like shampoo and conditioner, Unwrapped life aims to reduce single-use plastic waste and excessive packaging. Unwrapped products are manufactured with sustainability and environmental impact top of mind, without compromising quality and performance.

  • Pujolasos introduces first wooden cap with disposable plastic inner

    Called Woodle, the glue-free design can be manufactured from natural materials matched with a specific plastic inner that is designed to be separated and recycled at the end of its useful life. The Barcelona-based supplier notes that the patent applies to any plastic development in perfumery or cosmetics and is applicable to any material that covers such plastic innovation, not just wood. Moreover, the plastic inner can be injected in post-consumer recycled material as an added nod to sustainability. Pujolasos says the product responds to the current market need for sustainable packaging in the beauty sector.

  • Tank for a cathodic dip coating line made of Polystone® P homopolymer

    Since its foundation in 1951 the company from Ledeč nad Sázavou, Czech Republic, has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for surface treatment. Martin Zikmunda supplies customers throughout Europe – such as BMW Motorrad in Berlin, Spandau. After 40 years of service, BMW Motorrad decided to replace the cathodic dip coating line at the plant in Spandau, Germany, with a new one. KOVOFINIŠ was awarded the contract for the design and construction of the plant, which has a tank with a capacity of 26 m3. Cathodic dip coating For the quality and longevity of motorcycles, the process is crucial. The complete bodyshell is primed using the electrochemical process. It protects the bodies from corrosion and serves as the base for applying the paint. To apply the primer layer, the body shell is immersed in an electrically conductive paint. This allows complete painting of all surfaces, cavities and edges. New construction method The system is designed to last for several decades. Designers must make many decisions and take into account several factors. “When planning, we take into account influences such as the dipping varnish, the dimension and static. We want to produce the right plant for each and every customer. And by the right plant we mean the best,” says Zikmunda. The team is always looking for ways to improve the design for its customers. For this new project, the developers of KOVOFINIŠ chose a completely new tank construction method.

  • Tube with Crown Cap


    This tube with crown cap offers several advantages: Safety is guaranteed by the child-resistant closure and the unbreakability. 
    Protection is offered due to excellent barrier properties. Moisture and light are thus perfectly excluded, while the aroma of your product is optimally preserved.
    Because this aluminium tube with crown cap is also completely recyclable and lightweight, you can even protect the environment with this packaging!

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