• The hidden champion of industry: meeting sustainability targets and saving operating costs with GEA heat pump technology

    Duesseldorf (Germany), June 9, 2020 – There are obvious reasons for installing heat pump solutions in the industry. Some do it to reduce operating costs and thereby increase their competitiveness, Others choose to do it as part of their long term sustainability targets in line with the company image and finally there are industries which have to change their heating solution away from burning fossil fuels in order to meet regulatory requirement for reducing the environmental impact we all have on our planet.
  • New Gifting Tin from Crown Draws on Color Trends Analysis to Highlight the Creative Opportunities Metal Packaging Offers

    The first outcome of the trends analysis is a new promotional package (or gifting tin) that captures the “Human Nature” trend. Time slows down in what Perryman refers to as an authentic trend, focusing on the beauty of difference within the environmental landscape, where people are mindful of nature and respectful of the natural flow of its processes. The concept tin has been designed to embody that spirit and appeal to the next generation of eco-conscious consumers seeking to purchase goods that take greater care of the environment. The gifting tin’s inks create an oxidized mineral effect, giving the appearance of natural weathering over time and draws on a color palette that embraces the diversity of nature. Debossing effects have been added to the lower section of the package’s body, lending a hand-carved appearance linking back to the raw tactility aspect of the Human Nature trend. The contrasting lid - designed to look like stone and featuring a matt texture - demonstrates how metal can support opaque designs. The package’s triangular construction and rounded edges provide a high level of differentiation on-shelf, making it a perfect match for the gifting market. In addition to its eye-catching design, the tin is easier to grip – a direct result of Crown’s designers taking ergonomics into account on every project they undertake. Sarah D’Amato, NPD and Marketing Manager at Crown Aerosols & Promotional Packaging, commented: “It has been a truly interesting exercise to conceptualize this unique tin based on our recent color trends research project. The tin is a great example of how we can leverage our extensive research to create tangible products, ensuring brand owners have the tools they need to appeal to specific demographics. This particular project focused on the “Human Nature” trend, and we look forward to launching other concept packages based on our research and continuing to advance our portfolio for the benefit of our customers.”

  • EMA receives application for conditional authorisation of first COVID-19 treatment in the EU

    EMA has now received an application for conditional marketing authorisation (CMA) of the antiviral medicine remdesivir for the treatment of COVID-19 and has formally started its evaluation. The assessment of the benefits and risks of remdesivir is being performed under a reduced timeline and an opinion could be issued within weeks, depending on the robustness of the data submitted and whether further information is required to support the evaluation.
  • Aptar Joins United Nations Global Compact Initiative

    Crystal Lake, Illinois, June 3, 2020 – AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR), a global leader in drug delivery, consumer product dispensing and active packaging solutions, announced that it has joined the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, the world’s largest citizenship initiative, which focuses on universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. The Global Compact supports companies in two complementary goals: do business responsibly by aligning business strategies and operations with Ten Principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption; and take strategic actions to advance broader societal goals, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with an emphasis on collaboration and innovation. “We are extremely proud to pledge our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet while creating quality products. Our greatest impact on social well-being undoubtedly comes through the benefits our products and solutions provide to millions of consumers and patients every day,” said Stephan Tanda, Aptar President and CEO. “Through our efforts as a member company of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and our commitments to create a more circular and sustainable world, we commit to upholding the principles and deepening our efforts in these areas.” At the heart of the Global Compact is the conviction that business practices, which are rooted in universal principles, can help the global marketplace to be more socially and economically inclusive and therefore advance the collective goals of international cooperation, peace and development. “We believe Aptar has a responsibility to enrich the lives of people along our entire value chain and we aspire to give back more than we consume. We are committed to responsible business practices that keep the Sustainable Development Goals at the forefront of our strategy, culture and operations, and our commitment to the UN Global Compact serves to further formalize the journey upon which we have already embarked,” explained Beth Holland, Vice President, Environment, Health and Safety & Sustainability.

  • Aptar Food + Beverage Launches NEO, a New Closure for the Infant Formula Market

    NEO: Designed to Reassure Born from the will to assist and reassure brands and consumers, Aptar is proud to announce its new closure for infant formula, NEO. NEO is a tamper-evident closure that features a customizable in-molded scoop for a precise and specific dosage. This inventive closure strives to meet the needs of consumers and fulfill their desires for safer, cleaner and more functional products, while still keeping the infant formula protected and the brand reputation intact. Synonymous with Safety Safety is key for infant formula, which is why NEO is manufactured in a safe production environment called High Care. This protected area shields the manufacturing process, and enhances safety and hygiene measures to the highest level, in an effort to keep products free of any contamination. This innovative industrial environment was specifically designed to take into account the constraints, risks, and regulations around the packing of sensitive milk formula powder. Filling Line Efficiency When designing NEO, every aspect was considered in an effort to better protect the product inside from external contaminants, a major concern for infant nutrition producers. This innovative closure integrates a flex-band that, although firm, molds itself to fit a variety of containers. The flex-band was designed to guard and protect the infant formula from insects, and has been validated by several independent laboratories. Its low application force is suitable for a mechanical or manual application, and the centering mechanism helps to easily center the closure onto the can. Enhanced Consumer Experience NEO was inspired by all those who contribute to an infant’s well-being. Aptar completed numerous studies to better understand the consumer journey, pain points, and the intimate relationships between the package and the user. As a result, NEO was designed to be handled with just one hand, thanks to its ergonomic shape and its robust hinge. Upon opening the closure, consumer will see that the customized scoop is not touching the infant formula, promoting less contamination. With one hand consumers can unlock, use, and replace the scoop back to the holder, keeping feeding time clean and easy. Once finished, the lid can be easily resealed by pressing the press-to-close area. The audible click gives consumers peace-of-mind that the container is closed, and the infant formula is protected. Fully Customizable NEO comes in two diameters – 99 mm and 127 mm – which can be sealed onto all standard infant formula containers, whether they are metal or composite. NEO is also able to mold itself to fit within a brand’s image, and allows companies to choose between three different manufacturing finishes: embossed, in-mold labeling, or bi-injection molding. Peace of Mind Numerous aspects of safety and convenience were taken into consideration when designing NEO. This closure fulfills the needs of both brands and consumers, providing differentiation, precision, protection, and convenient for all. Learn more about Aptar Food + Beverage’s innovative packaging solutions at aptar.com, or contact us at info.fb@aptar.com .
  • Smartphone instead of a pitchfork

    While cattle may enjoy feeding time, it is hard work for the farmer, who has to heap up the feed on the feeding table – the cattle feeding area in the barn. The cattle then put their heads through their enclosure and tuck in. Throughout the day, the farmer has to heap up the feed again several times. It is time-consuming work – but is the only way to ensure that the cattle can always reach the feed. Access to the System from Anywhere This work becomes obsolete with an automatic feed pusher. The robot automatically moves along the feeding table and pushes the scattered feed back towards the cattle using a rotating screw. The feed pusher is guided by small magnets that the farmer has installed on the floor along the desired route. By using a PC, tablet or smartphone, the farmer can access the system from anywhere to find out the status. The robot manages inclines effortlessly, and angles in barns are not a problem. This automation and flexibilization of the work is welcome, precisely because the job of a farmer is not nine-to-five and there is always something to do on a farm. However, it is also clear that automated processes must be reliable to be of any help. That is why the manufacturer of the feeding robot sets high standards for the system components. Robots Provide a Competitive Edge With its high mechanical stability, the Robalon® conveyor screw from Röchling contributes to the durability of the system. At the same time, the material offers a high chemical resistance against aggressive biological acids contained in the animal feed. The material is easy to clean and resistant against common detergents. The robot therefore requires only little maintenance and is easy to care for. The technology saves the farmer a lot of time, thereby offering a competitive edge.

  • Heavy Duty Packaging

    Our heavy machinery packing service reflects our understanding of our customer's supply chain, global logistics and the need to minimize costs while delivering unparalleled quality. Our industrial customers have been relying on us to engineer heavy machinery packaging for years. Our exceptional customer service and heavy duty designs have put us at the top of the industry. No matter the size or weight of your equipment, Nefab has the ability to design and manufacture a unique custom packaging solution. If it's big and heavy Nefab can provide you with the custom Heavy Duty Crate you need to ensure that your product arrives safely. One of Nefab's greatest strengths is our ability to offer timber packaging and pallet solutions which cannot be sourced effectively by other competitors. Heavy Machinery Packaging Solutions Shipping heavy machinery is no simple task. It requires the know-how to produce a solution that has the strength and durability to deliver heavy equipment without damage. We go beyond just boxing up a machine. We design custom heavy machinery packaging solutions that provide shock and vibration protection as well as corrosion inhibition as needed. If the situation warrants theft protection, we will build that feature into the design. We design a packaging solution that meets the needs of our clients and their products. With years of experience working with oil and gas, energy, and heavy equipment industries we know what it takes to package 'big and heavy'. Whether it's packaging of fuselages and winglets for the aerospace industry or crating of huge rotors for the energy industry, our ability to design heavy machinery packaging solutions sets us above the competition. Customers in the oil and gas, healthcare, telecommunications, and vehicles industries also rely on us for the protection of their heavy machinery and equipment. Our understanding of industrial packaging requirements enables us to provide a wide range of heavy machinery packaging design services and solutions. Our in-house designers engineer heavy duty skids and heavy duty containers from a variety of materials. All solutions produced by Nefab are made from the highest quality products. These products withstand the weights and forces of extremely heavy duty machinery. Nefab heavy machinery packaging solutions are extremely strong and durable. Using simulation software helps us predict stresses and strains. It also helps us choose the packaging materials best suited to the application. We then design a solution that optimizes the inner and outer diameters to maximize transport space while still offering full machinery protection. If your heavy machinery needs to go across town, the country, or the globe, we will design the packaging solution to get it there safely. Heavy Duty Wood Skids When your products tips the scale in the tens (or even hundreds) of tons, you need to call Nefab. We have unsurpassed capability in the design and fabrication of heavy-duty skids for such immense (and extraordinarily expensive) items as 100,000-pound oilfield pumps, 300,000-pound turbine rotors or 400,000-pound nuclear-powered generators.When skidding for ocean transit, where a payload can be exposed to forces along six axes of movement (roll, pitch, yaw, heave, surge, and sway), shifting of such massive loads can spell disaster. Nefab's extensive knowledge of these complex forces combined with our experience working with timbers, steel beams and other structural materials assures the most cost effective solution for your highly-valued products.

  • S.S. White Technologies Highlights Custom Flexible Shafts for Food Industry Applications

    Flexible shaft manufacturer provides custom design expertise
  • Berry Global Announces Innovative Advanced Recycling Technology Project with Mondelēz International

    EVANSVILLE, Ind. – June 3, 2020 – Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE: BERY) announced today its collaboration with longtime customer, Mondelēz International to supply packaging containing recycled plastic for Philadelphia, the world’s most popular cream cheese. The package contains plastic material recovered using advanced recycling technology from Berry’s partnership with SABIC, announced earlier this year.
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