It was a coproduction of AZO VITAL, AZO Marketing, and of LINDOR Process Engineering, initiated by Michael Kaiser, sales manager Germany. In one hour we have guided the 30 participants with slides, animations and video clips through the entire production process of tea, from raw material handling through mixing down to packaging and everything in between. Specifically the issues around prevention and handling of dust were highlighted. AZO has presented problems and solutions with material handling, conveying and packaging. Lindor explained the problems and solutions with dosing, mixing and flavouring. The feedback of the participants at the end of the hour were very positive.

  • The new delegation is located in Cordoba

    Staying close to our clients and the market. At Limitronic we are moved, which we understand to be the most important thing, to take care of the brand and our clients. Staying close, in close contact with customers, combined with our innovative positioning, can explain the implementation plan throughout Spain. There are no better facilities in Córdoba to take care of these details, in business services, than Parque Rabanales 21. With the permanent presence of Limitronic in the most populated community in Spain, we are close to our market in the communities of Galicia, Madrid and Andalusia. . Limitronic has extensive experience of more than 30 years in the design, development and manufacture of industrial ink printing equipment directly on the packaging and on the product. Printing in both monochrome and color (CMYK), and in a single pass, on virtually any type of substrate. At Limitronic we help companies to gain competitiveness using our digital inkjet printing technology, improving flexibility in production by being able to bring the package to the market personalized with the highest quality provided by high resolution printing. Contact us by mail, phone or through social networks, talk to our team, tell us what you are thinking, what is your proposal. And for our part, we promise to work, collaborate with you and discover how we can help you become more competitive in your production processes. Contact: carlosrivera@limitronic.com +34 647888610 Córdoba Science and Technology Park, Rabanales 21 C / Astronomia Cecilia Payne. Centauro Building. Ground Floor 14014 Córdoba

  • Frequency inverters for broad range of applications

    B&R presents new ACOPOSinverter series for three-phase synchronous and induction motors The ACOPOSinverter P86 is a series of frequency inverters for three-phase synchronous and induction motors, with or without encoders. It covers a wide power spectrum from 0.75 to 75 kW and is particularly well-suited for packaging, conveyor system, material processing and hoisting gear applications.
  • Maximum productivity with a compact footprint B&R introduces a new curved segment for SuperTrak.

    B&R now offers a wider 180° curved segment for its intelligent SuperTrak track system. The new curve enables greater holding and propulsion forces. The shuttles can travel at higher speeds and accelerate faster. This boosts the productivity of the system. At 838 millimeters, it is significantly wider than the previous variant. The curve is particularly suitable for automated assembly lines, where larger assemblies interact with the track system. The assemblies can be placed inside the SuperTrak oval to reduce the machine's overall footprint.
  • Detailed machine analysis with mapp Cockpit from B&R Easy-to-use tool for deployment and diagnostics

    B&R's mapp Cockpit is an advanced yet easy-to-use tool for commissioning and troubleshooting machines. Based on standard web technology and OPC UA communication, it's ready to use at the push of a button with no additional programming. Information is exchanged between mapp Cockpit and the automation project via the vendor-agnostic OPC UA communication protocol, and displayed in a web-based user interface. As a result, performing diagnostics with mapp Cockpit and a B&R automation system is not just extremely flexible, but also compliant with an established standard.
  • In-mold decoration of household appliances: Swiss manufacturer V-ZUG AG realizes sustainable series production with three partners

    Using the know-how from four industries to drive innovation in the household appliance sector: That was the goal when the Swiss kitchen specialist V-ZUG AG brought three companies on board for a joint project. The Fürth coating specialists from Leonhard Kurz, the injection molding experts from the Swiss A. & J. Stöckli AG and the Munich machine builders from KraussMaffei were also present. Your task: You should give the control panel of the new premium oven from V-ZUG a new face.
  • SHORT with design and process innovations on a virtual exhibition stand

    Fürth, June 2nd, 2020:: KURZ will take part in the KUNSTSTOFF MAGAZIN world & conference, the virtual trade fair and interactive conference for the plastics industry. The company will be at the digital fair from June 17. until 3.7. present new solutions for decorative and functional surfaces. Exterior and interior designs for vehicles of the future, new technologies for the highly efficient mechanical integration of touch sensors and for the integration of 3D-shaped sensors in the injection molding process will be presented.
  • GaBi Packaging Calculator - Sustainable Packaging Design

    Create life cycle assessments of your packaging and compare them with alternative designs, even as a non-expert. Get comprehensive and accurate results on the environmental impact of each alternative. Calculate the MCI* of your packaging at the same time, without having to use another tool. Communicate your results through automatically generated reports. *Material Circularity Indicator, developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Granta Design What is the GaBi Packaging Calculator? The GaBi Packaging Calculator is an LCA calculator specially designed for packaging.

  • LINHARDT Tools & Technology donates disinfection dispenser stands!

    “We want to live up to our social responsibility at all locations. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us, to support the communities with our products in these difficult times,” says CEO Johannes Schick. For this reason, one copy was donated to the mayors of each of LINHARDT’s locations. The mayors of Hambrücken, Pausa, Linden and Viechtach have already received their new disinfectant columns and were completely enthusiastic. The 1.5 m high dispenser can of course also be purchased by anyone. Due to the individual colour scheme and its noble design, the disinfectant column is ideally suited for business premises, schools, event halls, hotels, clinics, practices and the catering trade. The order form, as well as more information about the campaign and the product itself, can be found online on the LINHARDT Werkzeugbau website: www.linhardt-tecpoint.com


    Dear sir/madam, I as a concerned citizen of this beautiful planet we call home,urge you, as a fellow-citizen of the same, to spare 3 minutes of your time to read carefully a few plastic usage figures I have presented below, as it is a critical factor that plays a role in the world we leave for our children. As of 2017, we had 9.2 billion tons of plastic that were manufactured. Of that, more than 6.9 billion tons was discarded off as waste.. And of that waste, a staggering 6.3 billion tons never made it to the recycling plant, rather, it is now occupying precious space in the form of a towering landfill, or being dumped into the ocean. We are now in 2019. And it only gets worse every year. Having said this, I would like to draw your attention to an issue related to food packaging; savory chips in particular. Brands like Frito-Lay, Parle and ITC have for a very long time, selling their products in oversized packages. Either in order to fool the consumer or to comply with standard packaging norms. This idea, of oversized packaging, may have worked years ago, by fooling consumers into believing the packet contains more but is no more true for the consumer of today who is more aware of his/her purchases. My case A regular pack of wafers consists of 3 layers - polypropylene (a superior moisture absorber), polyethylene and a thin aluminum layer. The average size of a 25 grams packet (that sells for Rs. 10), is 13.9cm by 21 cm when in actuality a 10.5cm by 13cm pack would suffice just as well to hold the same 25 gms of product. When one compares the volumetric weight of the packet to the weight of the chips filled inside it, it is found that not even one-third of the actual capacity is utilized. Hence we waste about the 155cm square of plastic, for every single packet that is produced. Now THAT is a lot of plastic. ­ My kind request We as consumers have the power to stop the production of items, by simply refusing to purchase or consume them, until the desired changes are made. While I completely understand, these are much-loved products, let us remember, that they in no way contribute to our nutrition on a daily basis, on the contrary, do harm. It wouldn't hurt to stay away for the sake of our bodies, and the greater good of the planet. This will ultimately build a pressure on the manufacturer to change the packaging. As a citizen of Mother earth, I urge you all to take a pledge to stop consuming product which has false packaging till the brands change there packaging especially brands like lays, uncle chips, little hearts, etc. To the FMCG companies, please find an alternative to the plastic you use in your packets. Or, at least reduce the size of your packets. I humbly request the Judiciary, in coordination with the concerned bodies, to pass a rule that defines a definite ratio of the volumetric weight of the container/package to the actual weight of the product. This would go a long way in reducing wasteful packaging not just in chips, which I have stated for instance, but also in other items as deemed fit. Your signature on this petition will hopefully help us achieve that. I do hope that my genuine concern as a responsible and well-meaning citizen of this world is heard and that we see some positive change in this direction.

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