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Cryoconservation Bag

Cryopreservation is a process that preserves organelles, cells, tissues, or any other biological constructs by cooling the samples to very low temperatures.Cryopreservation is to preserve and store the viable biological samples in a frozen state over extended periods of time.
Blood Cryoconservation Bag is a safe way to preserve blood components when cryopreservation is indicated. This bag is indicated for freezing of blood and blood components, for cryogenic blood preservation and cord blood storage in liquid nitrogen. It is made from polyolefin film, which combines the liquid nitrogen stability with excellent flexibility and puncture resistance.
Polyolefin has low water vapor transmission and good gas barrier properties, helping to preserve the integrity of blood components.
These bags are used for 2 applications:
-Storage of platelets: this is performed at 37°C.
-Storage of stem cells: short term at room temperature or 37°C and Cryogenic storage at -196°C.

Structure of bag
1.Polyolefin films 
This special material has mono layer structure and combine very high oxygen and carbon dioxide transmission rates with excellent cold storage properties down to -196˚C. At this temperature the polyolefin film remains more flexible compared to EVA materials; which makes it the preferred film for such freezing application. Biocompatible according to ISO 10993.
  Monolayer or coextruded multilayer tubing with polyolefin elastomer blend outside layer. This tube is designed specifically for application like cell culturing, cold storage and blood components. Biocompatible according to ISO 10993.
3.Spike ports 
  EVA spike port is designed for main application areas including cryogenic storage. It is characterized by a perforable internal membrane and besides the spike is radio frequency welded on the top. Biocompatible according  to ISO 10993.

 Features of Cryopresarvation bag
1.Protect Your Cells

    Hermetically sealed spike ports prevent liquid nitrogen contamination. 
    Permanent lot number is heat welded into the tail of each bag. Each bag has a donor tube with printed segments of approximately 100uL and a matched number on the bag.
3.User Inspired Design
    Stock tubing sets may include a luer-activated needle-free injection port, sterile-weldable tubing, and/or luer connectors. Donor tube is placed in the corner of each bag for easier de-bubbling and sealing.
4.Closed System Processing
    Enable the user to manipulate cellular products in a closed-system outside of a clean room.



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