• New Radnor Hills flavours extend matte can family


    In fact, the Wales-based company uses AMP’s sophisticated matte finish for every can across its entire product line, from its sparkling and still Radnor Hills brand flagbearers to its infused waters and its Heartsease Farm-branded mixers. Their pure still and sparkling spring waters are packaged respectively in stunning contemporary matte navy-blue and matte silver 33cl cans and earned a shortlisting for ‘Best in Can’ at the 2020 Global Water Drinks Awards.

    The matte finish not only brings a unique appeal visually, it also offers haptic enhancement through the special hint of texture that matte provides. The two new Infusions flavours, the latest to the family of matte cans, reinforce Radnor’s commitment to this unique aesthetic.

    We asked Radnor why they’re so happy with matte. "It simply looks and feels fantastic," said Camilla Cadwallader, Product & Innovation Account Manager at Radnor Hills. "Our spring water products are outstanding, so they deserve to stand out, and we pay a lot of attention to the pack design. The matte finish is that final detail that makes our cans look extra attractive on the shelf and then feel great in the hand."

    Dirk Schwung, Sales Director at Ardagh Metal Packaging - Europe, said, "Our matte finish is really special – we’re delighted that Radnor has picked it again for its new Infusions, and is actually making it a character note across its brands."

    The matte finish is available for aluminium and steel cans in all sizes, with Ardagh’s local CTS teams available to support filling line trials.


    Active packaging is a form of smart packaging that intentionally absorbs or releases compounds from or to the food incased in it. These compounds are added to extend the quality and shelf life of the food product. They do so by slowing down internal reactions that degrade the food. These include lipid oxidation, microbial growth, and loss of moisture.

    Scavengers and Emitters are the two types of compounds incorporated into active packaging. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of scavengers.

  • Efficient Steriflow sterilization process for the pet food industry


    Rely on the quality of Steriflow autoclaves for the sterilization of your pet food products.
    Steriflow industrial autoclaves, using superheated water cascading sterilization process, are effective for the sterilization of pet food in cans, pouches, casings, aluminium or plastic trays, plastic bottles or glass jars. Our employees adapt our solutions to your needs, whether it is to meet an increase in your production or to replace obsolete equipment. We work on manual solutions but also on projects for fully automated lines. In the space of two years, Steriflow has doubled its sales in the pet food industry. With more than 320 units installed and a presence on five continents, the pet food industry relies on the Steriflow sterilization process. Find our solution for the sterilization of your pet food products by water cascading process: choose flexibility.