• Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze® Valve Technology: Delighting Consumers Every Day

    SimpliSqueeze®: A Highly Engineered Valve Technology for Liquid and Viscous Applications

    SimpliSqueeze® technology works for a variety of applications, from foods and beverages such as sauces, sour cream, honey, and juices to highly specialized applications such as hand sanitizer or water bottles. While the leading brands currently using SimpliSqueeze® valves are in the food and beverage markets, the opportunities for use across other markets are endless.

    Since the introduction of SimpliSqueeze®, Aptar has established a strong market and technical leadership position around the world. By pairing their team of packaging engineers with critical brand leaders, they have launched truly unique products that meet consumer expectations of convenience and ease of use with their product’s packaging. Aptar draws on over 25 years of experience to tailor this technology to specific product applications, providing the ultimate dispensing experience with convenience features that today’s consumers demand.

    New Usage Occasions Lead to New Opportunities

    SimpliSqueeze® can provide new consumer experiences for products with several types of viscosity, such as thick sour cream or products with changing viscosity such as ketchup. New sauce types or products like skin cream can bring unique challenges to overcome for designing consumer-friendly packaging. That’s why Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze® engineers design a vast array of valves to address the key need of controlling the product’s dispense, helping to ensure the desired amount of product is dispensed each time.

    This custom engineering and proven technology has transformed the consumer experience of products in several markets because of its superior performance. For example, Aptar’s engineers collaborated with a leading sour cream brand to work with the entire package to create a customized design using SimpliSqueeze® technology.

    Aptar also optimizes SimpliSqueeze® valves for a wide range of environments, taking unique characteristics of those rigorous environments into account to support its partners. SimpliSqueeze® valves are high performing in everyday settings, in various temperatures, and in highly complex situations.

    Reaching the Sustainably-Minded Consumer

    Beyond the countless benefits to consumers, SimpliSqueeze® technology featuring Aptar’s Swimming Silicone™ valves gives CPG brands an opportunity to progress their recycling and sustainability goals. These valves feature a unique material that allows it to be separated from the closure in PET recycling streams. Aptar is committed to continuing to progress new sustainability solutions to support CPGs’ recycling demands.

    Be Part of the SimpliSqueeze® Package Family

    Valve technology like SimpliSqueeze® gives CPGs across various markets countless opportunities. Always focused on the consumer and enhancing the overall packaging experience, Aptar’s experts are committed to bring positive results repeatedly. Aptar’s engineers are dedicated to producing quality products, as demonstrated by the billions of SimpliSqueeze® closures produced to date. You can count on Aptar’s team to support your packaging development needs and innovations.